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The Waller Process, Restoration Projects: There With You All The Way Through

When our Clients have a restoration projects we know it’s a challenge. All of the sudden you have an emergency situation that you did not expect and you are worried that your home or business may never be the same. That is where Waller can step in and help you. Although each claim, policy, and insurance company is unique, here is a general overview of how our restoration process works:

  1. Claim event occurs
  2. Leak Detection or Emergency Services may be needed: If you need any emergency services (water removal, tarp, board up, etc) Waller can help and has a crew on call 24/7 – 365 days a year for this purpose. Call us now if you need help at 863-688-8870.
  3. Consultation: Waller estimator visits the site and consults with Client and goes over the damage, what repairs are needed, what the Client’s concerns are, etc. Waller prepares estimate for insurance company.
  4. Insurance company Approval: Waller will work with your insurance adjuster to come to an agreement on a fair estimate that entails all of the necessary repairs that you need in order to fully restore your property.
  5. Selection and changes: Waller will work with you to make your finish selections, go over any changes in design or materials you may want to consider, and help you get ready for the project to start.
  6. Preparation and Construction: Next Waller will introduce you to your Project Manager, who will supervise and coordinate your construction project. Our Project Managers make sure your project is completed to your satisfaction, on budget, and on time. As we enter the construction phase our Project Managers schedule the work to be completed on the project, communicate with you regularly, and handle problems that arise. Our Project Managers and crews will go out of their way to protect your space, including installing dust barriers, drop cloths, etc.
  7. Final Touch Up Work: Once the project has been substantially completed, we will then shift to taking care of all the final details for you. Our project Manager will meet with you to do a final walk through, making a list of any final items that need to be completed. We will then take care of these remaining items as well as thoroughly clean up of your project site and completes our restoration process.

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