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The Waller Group, Commercial Process: There With You All The Way Through

Our commercial process varies due to the wide variety of projects we work on and the needs of our clients. Here is a brief summary of what we can do for our commercial clients:

  1. Consultation with you to see what your needs are
  2. Design if needed, or if you have an architect on board we are glad to look over your plans and/or meet with your architect
  3. Budgeting, pricing when needed to assist you and your team make decisions and help develop a final scope of work
  4. Preparation and Construction
  5. Final Touch Up Work

Waller holds firm to the belief that construction projects do not have to be stressful and chaotic. That’s why we’ve devised a step by step process, to give you a road map and make this project as stress free and enjoyable as possible.


Our Estimator/Designer meets with you to go over your project in general. Your consultation will include discussing your project and your ideas. We really want to know what your goals are for your project so we can help you achieve the best results.

Design, Budgeting, Pricing

We can assist you with your design if you need that assistance as we often do Design/Build projects. We can also work with your architect if you have one on board.
We work with you to develop a final scope of work and final specifications for your custom project.

Finally, after collaborating with you on design, materials, scope, etc. we will work with you to finalize a custom contract for the project that meets all your design and budget needs.

Preparation and Construction

We are now ready to prepare for construction to begin! Between the times you finish with the design phase and before the construction phase begins we have to prepare for the project. This includes permitting, ordering your materials, and getting the site ready for work. Waller will ensure that your materials are tracked and come in on time.
Next Waller will introduce you to your Project Manager, who will supervise and coordinate your construction project. Our Project Managers make sure your project is completed to your satisfaction, on budget, and on time.

As we enter the construction phase our Project Managers schedule the work to be completed on the project, communicate with you regularly, and handle problems that arise. Our Project Managers and crews will go out of their way to protect your space, including installing dust barriers, drop cloths, etc.

Final Touch Up Work

Once the project has been substantially completed, we will then shift to taking care of all the final details for you. Our project Manager will meet with you to do a final walkthrough, making a list of any final items that need to be completed. We will then take care of these remaining items as well as thoroughly clean up your project site.

Free Consultation Now

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