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A Brief History of Waller
  • Waller was founded by Robert "Bob" Waller in 1961
  • Waller is truly a family owned and operated firm. Three generations of the Waller family have played a major role in the success at Waller. In addition to Bob Waller (Jr) listed above, Bob Waller (RJW III), Tom Waller, Jimmy Waller, and Brian Waller - along with numerous other family members – have all been instrumental in building and continuing the Waller tradition in the design and construction industry.
  • Although it's the same essential company, over the years Waller has changed and expanded with the times:
  • 1961: Waller founded in former residential home on Gary Road and East Lakeland. This would be Waller’s primary office location for the next 49 years.
  • 1960s - 1980s: Waller specialized mainly in commercial work (Schools, churches, office buildings, etc.)
  • 1980's - 1990's: Waller added restoration and residential services while still continuing to complete commercial work.
  • 2000-2010: Waller moves into historic Dixieland at the old Publix building and opens Design Studio Showroom, adds design staff, and starts providing professional design work for our commercial and residential clients.
  • 2015: Waller expanded Design Studio Showroom into east section of our building which gave us the ability to also host special events and expand our selection of show room materials.
  • 2016: Waller opens Waller Plumbing as an added service featured for our commercial and residential clients.


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